New Innovation: Zebra blinds up to 320 cm

What’s a zebra blind and why is 320 cm in width so special?

Zebra blinds are a type of roller blind that has two textile layers which roll for each other. The textile consists partly of non-transparent strips and opaque strips. By rolling the strips in front of each other, you can open or close the curtain and with this the view through the outside or the inside look inside. You also keep the sun out in an easy and quick way to prevent discolouration of furniture, floors and walls. A roller tube with a weighting hangs between the two layers of material. This ensures that the zebra blind always hangs nicely and the rolling goes smoothly.

Why aren’t they available in big width?

The quality of the canvas must be very high. The cloth must be woven with exactly straight lines and especially the horizontal bands must be exactly straight. Below you can see a weaving mill in operation. You will find most of the weaving mills in Asia because the product is also conceived there.

The weaving is one, the finishing of the canvas is two. The finish is often the main culprit when it comes to skewing the lanes or bulbs of the lanes in the canvas. During the process, therefore, strict control must also be carried out and adjusted in good time to prevent misalignment. The latest machines have a computer-controlled control system, which means fewer mistakes are made.

320 cm in width

At this moment 280 cm wide is the standard for the better manufacturers. The weaving machines often can not be wider. New machines must ensure that there is even wider weaving. However, there is one standard for zebra blinds: the wider they become, the more difficult they are to make. There is one brand in the Netherlands that makes it strong to make 320 cm wide. That is the brand Hewo with the website

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